RHD2map UK
Map of RHD2 spread & vaccine availability in the UK

Please scroll down to view the map. You should be able to zoom in to an area using the +/- at the top left of the map, using the mouse scroller or by double clicking on the map itself. Once zoomed in, you can click on each individual pin and the details will pop up.  

Please help us to keep the map up to date by reporting any additions or amendments via the 'contact us' button or the vaccine thread on our facebook page. 

The map provides an overview of vets practices who are reported by owners, or by their own practice websites/social media to have an RHD2 vaccine in stock, who are awaiting stock, or who have indicated an awareness/potential willingness to stock on request. It is not guaranteed to be completely accurate as we are reliant on your reports to help us keep it up to date. Please do double and triple check that they are giving you the RHD2 vaccine and not the nobivac myxo-rhd, just to ensure there is no misunderstanding. Since November 2016 there has also been a UK-licenced RHD2 vaccine (eravac) which the datasheet says is for meat rabbits only due to no duration of immunity being established (it also 'reduces mortality' rather than prevents it, whereas filavac prevents).  The most common RHD2 vaccine being offered is the imported filavac but please check and discuss with your vet if you are unsure.

It is recommended that owners contact their usual vets and encourage them to stock the vaccine in the first instance. Other practices may be able to assist if your own practice is not planning on stocking, but they may choose to restrict their supplies to their own registered clients, especially if supplies are limited. The map provides no guarantees that the practice will be able to accommodate other clients, it simply provides an indication of where you may be able to find assistance.  

If any practice wishes their details to be added, amended or removed from this map, please contact admin and we will process your request as soon as we can.  If anyone contacts a practice and finds out that their stock status has changed, please let us know so that we can keep this map as up-to-date as possible.

Each pin on the map is date stamped with the date of last update to help you see when the latest status report was added.  Please note that pins are located to the general vicinity of the practice and are not necessarily accurate at street level. 

This map is maintained by volunteers who have busy lives so please do bear with us as we work through your updates or feedback.  Thank you!


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In stock... and potentially available to non-clients
On order... and potentially available to non-clients